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 What you usin' ?

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Roasting Tires
Roasting Tires

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PostSubject: What you usin' ?   Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:08 pm

Just wondering what everyone uses to clean your whips with ?

Im a brand whore I guess you could say . I buy/use anything Meguiars . Ive tried other things , and nothing ever works as well esp. with my leather seats .

And if anyone is looking for a real quick wax , Turtle makes a awesome one . Its in a green spray bottle. You spray it on while the car is still wet , and then you just dry your car with a terry cloth ( or whatever you like to dry your car with) . It looks and feels great . And WOW does it smell good! Very Happy
I wont lie , ive been caught a time or two smelling my fenders! :pirat:
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Luda Kim
Luda Kim

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PostSubject: Re: What you usin' ?   Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:23 pm


I work with these:
Turtle Wax
Armor All EXTREME Tire Shine
Stoner Invisible Glass window cleaner
Eagle One wheel/tire cleaner foam (caked on grime on steelies FTL!)
Armor All Protectant Gel (this stuff is the shit... it leaves your vinyl and rubber interior pieces shiny as hell without making things sticky or too reflective in the sun. It also smells pretty good too Very Happy)


I Loveeee My 4G
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What you usin' ?
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