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 A GSR Rebuild write-up

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Luda Kim
Luda Kim

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A GSR Rebuild write-up Empty
PostSubject: A GSR Rebuild write-up   A GSR Rebuild write-up EmptyFri Jul 04, 2008 11:06 am

The boyfriend suggested that we take a look at this website, which is what he used for his very first rebuild. He said it's very accurate and thorough and I've taken a look at it and I think it adequately describes everything.

Yes, this is a Honda block he's working with, but in essence it should be helpful to all of you looking to rebuild a motor.


Preview pics:
A GSR Rebuild write-up Gsr%2048

A GSR Rebuild write-up Gsr%2064

A GSR Rebuild write-up Gsr%2079

A GSR Rebuild write-up Illest_preludeninja
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A GSR Rebuild write-up
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